How te program works? How te program works?

How the

program works?

$200 a month will go to one of our member businesses that is helping to bring biking to the next level.

Selection criteria will include:

  1. Exciting Bicycle Benefits offer
  2. Actively selling program stickers
  3. Employee incentives/amenities for riding
  4. Bike rides, events & other engagement

Recipients can choose award in the form of bike lights for employees, bike rack funding, bike pump/amenities, biking promotion or a party for riders.

We came up with the idea of "Bike Bingo" in
2015 and it's been the highlight of many
people's bike life ever since. We put it on to inspire
people to pedal a little bit further, to ride to a
new part of town, take a new route and to visit
Bike Benefits businesses. It's a celebration of
biking and exploration and a great way to learn
a new city or get to know your own hometown.
The "Bike Bingo" is another tool that enhances
the bicycling experience, is easily established
and needs to be EVERYWHERE!...